Here's what clients and associates have to say about Dick McVey

"I've known Dick McVey in many capacities through the years including bass player in my last touring band. He also engineered, played on and mixed my last CD at his studio. I'm very proud of this project and am grateful to have had Dick's invaluable help getting it all together. I could recommend Dick McVey for virtually anything music related. He's a heck of nice guy too!" Holly Dunn - Award winning Recording Artist

"I first met Dick in 1988. I had only been in Nashville for a couple of days when someone gave me his number and when I called he offered me advice and told me he would put me on his musician's referral list. Before I could get out to pay him, he called me with my first road gig in Nashville! More importantly, one of the guys I met through Dick became a great friend and in 2003 was the sole reason I landed the gig I have now with Trace Adkins. Dick has been great for the Nashville music scene in general and was certainly instrumental in my success. I owe Dick a debt of gratitude that can’t be repaid.” Greg Baker - Bass Player / Band Leader for Trace Adkins

"Dick McVey is knowledgeable of this business we work in and love. I've never had a negative association with him and recommend him in every way to represent one in this business" Ray Walker - The Jordanaires

"It has been my priviledge and pleasure to know and work with Dick McVey for many years now. I have sung background vocals on his productions and booked him and his studio for my productions. I have referred others to him for studio, press and management. Dick was the forward thinking businessman who suggested I develop some vocal exercises, which led to the creation of my vocal training method "Power, Path and Performance".  Dick not only is a music business veteran with the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of years of professional success, but is also a person of the highest integrity. He tells the truth, even when the truth costs him a client. I respect his abilities and experience, and what's more, I trust him." Judy Rodman - Former CMA and ACM Award-winning Singer / Hit Songwriter / Top Nashville Vocal Coach

“Dick McVey worked with our show as a bass guitar player. He has a good overall knowledge of music and the music business; his performance was always professional, and he had a good work ethic. I would expect him to carry those traits over into any of his ventures." Leroy Van Dyke - Hit Singer / Hit Songwriter - "The Auctioneer"

“Dick McVey is a renaissance man: musician, producer, engineer, studio owner, journalist, publicist, manager and career guide. He’s done it all and he does it all well.” Ronny Light - One of Nashville's Top Recording Engineers

"I've used Dick McVey's services for over 15 years. From studio production, live recording, master engineering and final mixing to supplying musicians and publicity... he's the best! Dick is a one-stop shop for most services related to the music business. His knowledge of the business, his networking with the shakers and movers of the biz and his commitment to quality in all his services is what makes Dick McVey so successful and a true asset." Jeff Moseley, President CJM Productions, Video & TV Producer

"In the shark infested waters called the "Music Business", Dick McVey has been a lighthouse to me. His guidance has been invaluable. His honesty and integrity are like a solid rock in the shifting sand of Nashville's music professionals. I have built nearly 100% of my career from the start that he gave me." Al Babyok - Singer / Songwriter / Musician

"Dick McVey is a wonderfully gifted musican and talented engineer / producer with a great sense for hearing important details without missing the bigger picture of what the artist is striving to obtain with their song and sound in general. I have worked with Dick on many projects and have always been extremely satisfied with the technical ability, sonic presence of the finished product, and insightful suggestions for content he provides." West Foster, President, Sound Knowledge Records

"I've known Dick since our days on the Grand Ole Opry together when I played for Jimmy C. Newman in the early 80s. I am currently working with Ronnie McDowell and play on and produce Cajun style albums so I have been around a lot of people in the music business. I do most of my work with Dick since he and can set up all the music arrangements needed for a recording session. Dick is a working veteran musician who has the ability to communicate a songwriter's ideas to the musicians. He has also been a tremendous help in bringing old tapes back to life with his knowledge of the programs used to clean and enhance tape quality." Wade Bernard - Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Musician

"I've worked with Dick over the years here in Nashville. He has always been great to work with in any setting. We've done countless recording sessions together and always worked together extremely well. I've worked the Grand Ole Opry with him many times. I've always found him to be a consummate professional. If honesty and integrity are traits that mean something to you, along with all professional aspects of the music business........then Dick is your man. He can produce, play, promote, and he does everything with heart and conviction. The other thing is you'll never meet a nicer guy!" Tim Atwood - Staff pianist on the Grand Ole Opry / Singer / Songwriter / Musician

"Over the years, Dick McVey has recorded my songs on the artists he has taken into the studio. Dick does a wonderful job producing in the studio and has always been fair and honest with me regarding mechanical licenses. He records quality artists and pays close attention to detail in all aspects of the recording process." Tom Paden - Hit Songwriter

“Dick makes the recording process so easy and I didn’t have to rob a bank to get a quality product! It’s refreshing to work with someone who is in it for the love of music and not the money. He gets all the top musicians, has great equipment and his knowledge of the industry provides helpful insight into what the record labels are looking for today. Recording with Dick was a great experience and I’d recommend his services to anyone!” Kate Murphy - Singer / Songwriter

"I have known Dick for quite a few years and his understanding of music and it's application makes working with him a pleasurable event. I would recommend Dick and his studio to anyone from a person wanting to get started in the business to the most accomplished singer/musician" John Heinrich - Musician with Ronnie Milsap Show and Session Musician

"I have worked with Dick McVey on a regular basis and have always felt welcome and comfortable during his sessions. He is an extremely talented professional, who delivers a superior demo or master at a modest price. Dick also hires the best, cream of the crop, session musicians, who always work well together. He also studies the material being sent to him prior to any session and is well prepared to discuss the best approach, yet will always listen to his client's viewpoint and try to please. I have always been more than satisfied with all of Dick's recordings which have been more than I could ever have imagined; he will work endless hours to produce the end result of my song. I appreciate all of his dedication, hard work, and expertise and would recommend him highly." Jeanne Nance - Songwriter

"My name is Preshias Harris and I have known Dick McVey since 1991. He and I have worked in several capacities together over the years. He has been an asset to me and the music community for his professionalism, contacts and honesty. I look forward to more music business endeavors together!" Preshias Tombs Harris - Nashville Journalist

"I write different styles of songs including country, pop, contemporary Christian as well as the occasional bluegrass or Latin-flavored tune. Dick is able to get the right musicians for the right song at the right price so that I get the best demo possible for my songs." Jim Furrow - Songwriter / Musician

"Dick McVey has always been able to capture exactly the "right" sound I am looking for with my original work. As a songwriter, it is so important to have a producer who can invision your overall goal in regards to your work. The professionalism of his excellent musicians and the friendly atmosphere in his studio made me feel at ease in recording even my toughest projects. I have used many studios in Nashville in my 8 years here, and I wouldn't think of calling anyone else first." Mike Porter - Singer / Songwriter / Entertainer

"I have known Dick personally and professionally for over thirteen years. Dick always provides top studio musicians, a professional, yet friendly atmosphere, fair prices, and most importantly when you leave his studio you have a product you can be proud of." Jessica St Clair - Singer

"With state of the art equipment and years of experience in the business, Dick produced the highest of quality product for me. I have not hesitated to refer others looking to record their music." Tammy Miller - Singer

"I actually stumbled upon Dick's website while looking for someone local to transfer my dad's records and tapes to CD's. My dad was a singer / songwriter / record promoter for over 30 years. When he passed away my three sisters and I wanted his music, so getting it copied was the best way to make everyone happy! He is a very nice man! Extremely professional! He did the work in a timely manner, and for a great price! He even got records to play that I did not expect to ever be able to listen to, because they had mold on them were weathered terribly! We got to hear my dad singing, in his 1960's rock band, for the first time!! I would recommend Dick and his services to my closest friends!" Ashley Jackson - Daughter of hit songwriter J. B. Detterline

"Dick has a great ear and an eye for talent. He's also a great guy, very easy to work with." Kelly Ann Monahan - Singer / Songwriter

"Working with Dick has been one of the best things I have done in my career. He knows how to create such a comfortable environment for the artist/writer, and his studio musicians are always top notch. There are very few in Music City with the experience that Dick has, and it shows in his results. You can count on him to help bring your music to the next level; and perhaps even more important, he has the muscle in town to get it heard by the right people if that is your goal. He is simply one of the best in the business" Chris Costa - Headliner since 2006 at the Grand Sierra Resort, Reno NV / Keyboardist / Vocalist / Artist / Vocal Coach since 1979

"Whether working as a player, producer, publicist, or advisor, Dick McVey draws on a wealth of experience when working for his clients. He's a great player, who understands what it takes to make great music, and what it takes to make it in today's music business." Larry Folk - Canadian Singer / Songwriter

"Dick McVey is one of the most professional and nicest people I have ever worked with. His fees are the best I've seen in Nashville and his services are outstanding." Chuck Reaves - Singer / Songwriter "Dick is never at a loss for a good joke to keep situation fun and light. He Knows what he is looking for and the best way to get it done. He has an eye and ear for great talent." Michael Gomez - Professional Celebrity Photographer

"My brother and I worked with Dick on a recording project a couple of years ago. I can not say enough how warm and welcoming Dick was to us. He made us feel right at home, and his level of professionalism exceeds most in the music business. Thank you, Dick." Abby Powell - Entertainer / Singer

"For a guy who has worked with the true legends, Dick McVey made this rookie's recording sessions educational and truly pleasant. Here's to a true professional: you can't go wrong when working with Dick McVey!" Dean Bibb - Guitarist for the Christian Rock Band "Under Authority"

"I always look forward to getting back in the studio with Dick. He has a great studio and always get me the best sound and mix for my recordings - and for the best price in town. Besides his ability in the studio, his wisdom and knowledge of the music business is remarkable." Joe Detty - Singer / Songwriter

"I have known Dick McVey for many years and have not only introduced potential clients to him but have had the opportunity to observe him work in his studio. I have been very impressed with his talent as a musician and as a producer and agent for new acts, but equally important to me is his tremendous work ethic and the patience he has with people struggling to reach their dream. If Dick makes you a promise, you can take it to the bank, a trait of only a handful of people in this business. I have never had any hesitation whatsoever in recommending this talented man to my friends and acquaintances." Ann Woofter - Former Talent Agent

"To me... when choosing a studio, more so than equipment, location, environment or price are the "ears". Lets face it, these days with everyone having a "project studio" it is pretty easy to record anywhere and cheap. But what you CAN'T get anywhere, is an industry professional's ears like Dick McVey. Besides having a fantastic studio, Dick knows the music business and works in the biz, doing it, day after day. Dick was given the gift of being able to hear what "needs" to be captured to make the recording a masterpiece. He has "what it takes" to engineer and produce a project with top notch results. My music has taken me on one hell of a ride, from venues like Hard Rock to The Cow Palace in San Francisco to The Music Ranch in Tampa. Actually Dick has gotten me tons of worldwide exposure too (South Africa, Canada, The Netherlands, etc.) Dick, I guess you could say kind of took me under his wing years ago in downtown Nashville when I walked into his office as a naive kid handing out demo cassettes around town. He spent countless hours on several different occasions basically teaching me the ins and outs of that crazy town (Nashville) and how things really work in the music business, without charging me a dime! We have been friends now for years. I have to say Dick McVey is the REAL DEAL folks! If you want your music to stand above what everyone else is putting out, do yourself a favor, spend a couple bucks (literally he is like 1/2 the price of anything that is even close to his caliber), and rent Mr. McVey's "ears" for your next recording. He WILL turn your ideas into a finished product that you don't have to take places, it will take you places. You WILL NOT be disappointed!" Jason Eaves - Lead singer and Songwriter for The Jason Eaves Band

"What can I say - I have always been very pleased working with Dick McVey. He produces quality tracks. Ultra on time and dependable which I really appreciate. His prices have always been very fair. I’ve use him to make many charts as my daughter competes and sings with various bands. Dick has always taken very good care of us. He has always been there and I have always gotten his assistance throughout the years. He is great with referrals too." Renee Chandler - Mother, Agent and Manager of Singer Chelsea Chandler

"Dick McVey produced my last two Gospel Albums at his studio. He provided the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire process. From the musicians he hired, to the arranging of my songs, to the final mixed down product. Both of these albums have songs currently receiving airplay on radio stations around the world. I have both albums for sale through Apple I-Tunes, and I am getting full album download sales from around the world. I am currently writing songs for my third Gospel Album, and it will be produced by Dick McVey." Karen Cruise - Singer / Songwriter

"Never did a project go so smooth for me. Dick is a great producer, musician and studio engineer. He pays attention to detail and has a very good ear for what sounds good. He does a lot of extras for you too on his own time. On top of all that he is very affordable. I highly recommend Dick for your next recording project - you won't be disappointed." Keith Hickman - Atlantic City Casino Singer / Entertainer

"Dick McVey is one of the really good guys in Nashville. He's honest, straight-forward, and has years of experience in the music business. If you're looking for a great place to record, you can't beat Dick's studio. He's a true professional and his equipment is top-notch. Even more importantly, he makes the recording process fun and relaxed. I've recorded at Dick McVey's more than one hundred times, and I highly recommend him." Ron Brunk - Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Entertainer / Author

"I've known and worked with Dick McVey since 2000. He's produced my albums and demos, done publicity for me, and continues to give good advice when I need it. He is a real professional in anything he is involved in and one of the few honest industry pros you will meet in Nashville. Above all of that, he has been a true friend." Matt Walker - Singer / Songwriter / Entertainer

"I started recording with Dick quite a few years ago and this is all I can say - he is definitely TOP NOTCH!  He'll put you at ease in the studio with his professsionalism, his knowledge, his talent and his friendliness. You can be sure that in the end, you'll leave with a great sounding project" Joe Tinoco - Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer at one of Branson, Missouri's Top Shows

"For outstanding results for young, aspiring musicians, singers and songwriters, I highly recommend Dick McVey. Dick gets the job done, gets your talent noticed by the right people and your name in the media." Linda Parker - Mother of Singer, Songwriter, and Musician Russ Caldwell who is a member of the band Bush Hawg

 "I have been to Nashville and met many people and I can tell you that Dick McVey is at the top of my list. He is an exceptionally talented engineer and musician. His talent is the culmination of his many years of experience in the music business and he surrounds himself with some of the best musicians in Nashville. Dick took my songs to another level. Everyone was amazed at the end results. My demo tape was the worst thing you'd want to hear, but Dick brought in some of Nashville's top musicians to work on the songs. Never in a million years would I have dreamed the songs on my simple tape could be turned into such great sounding country music. This is the magic that Dick McVey brought to my songs and he can do it for you too!" Kelly Dunn - Songwriter

"Dick McVey is a rare breed producer. He not only treated us as professionals, but had a true caring about our music and wanted to make sure we were happy with the finished product." Dave Hudnall - Songwriter, Bassist for the Christian Rock Band "Under Authority"

"The first meeting I ever had with Dick McVey led to the best guidance I have ever had. His knowledge of the music industry is surpassed by few and I value his opinion in every aspect of the business. Dick is honest and sincere in his desire to help artists reach their fullest potential." Dana Jordan - Singer / Songwriter / Producer

"Dick McVey really knows how to get into the soul of an artist. No one, has ever done a better job at documenting my career to this point. His biography on me, brought me to tears! I'm proud to call him my friend." Rick Diaz - Singer / Entertainer / Songwriter / Actor / Screenwriter

"I’ve used Dick McVey as a publicist since the early nineties, and we’re still doing business. Do I need to say I’m satisfied with his services? He’s a nice guy too." Arne Benoni, Norway's Top Country Music Artist "Dick McVey produced my debut CD, "Be Careful What You Wish For" and did a fantastic job! You can find reviews of the CD at to see that not only I thought it was great work, but many others as well. The CD is also available at iTunes and many other digital distribution sites with many of the songs being purchased and downloaded. Dick was great to work with!!! He took the time to make sure I got what I wanted. We recorded the whole CD (12 songs) in 4 days and mixed it together so I could provide input. Even with the limited time we had, we turned out a great CD that I am very proud to call mine. The few days I spent with Dick McVey on this project was a memorable time I will never forget. I highly recommend Dick McVey!" Lana Kress - Singer / Songwriter / Entertainer

"Dick McVey is a talented producer, recording engineer, and bass player who is a pleasure to work with in the studio. His studio musicians are some of Nashvilles top notch session players. Studio rates and musician fees are very reasonable, and I would not hesitate to recommend Dick McVey's studio to any recording artist looking for a place to lay down some tracks, produce a first rate demo, or put out a full blown album. I look forward to working with Dick and his studio musicians again in the near future." C.T. Freeman, Singer / Songwriter

And finally a poem from who else but a songwriter ..."Before meeting Dick McVey I had a vision - I traveled a long way and knew I made the right decision - He made my song come to life - In a way that was heart felt and done just right - He truly has an ear for sound - So when you need a demo he won't let you down - He'll always be my call when I need a song done - Not only is he a great engineer he's lots of fun." Frankie Diana - Musician / Singer / Songwriter