* Full Recording and Production in partnership with TMC Recording Studio and some

                         of Nashville's best studio musicians and engineers

                      * Fully produced, mixed and mastered CD albums

                      * Singer and songwriter demos

                      * In house studio equipped with the latest version of Pro Tools

                      * Digital editing and vocal tuning

                      * Converting old tapes to CD and restoring and converting vinyl records to CD

                      * Duplicating CDs and DVDs (We adhere to strict copyright laws)


                      * Bios

                      * Press releases

                      * Publicity campaigns in conjunction with a song release and / or tour


                      * Consultant and Advisor

                      * Instruction in Studio and Live Performance

                      * Music Business Seminars

                                   Music Business 101

                                   How To Book Your Band

                                   How To Make Money With Your Music

                                   Songwriters - What You Need To Know

                                   Internet Music Marketing

                                   Why You Need Publicity And Promotion

                                   Recording - What You Need To Know Before During and After

                                   What Do Record Labels Look For In An Act